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The SOUTH AFRICAN – PERUVIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (SAPCHAM) is an independent non-profit organisation, which links Peruvian companies and entrepreneurs interested in developing business with their counterparts in South Africa.



The SOUTH AFRICAN – PERUVIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (SAPCHAM) is an organisation whose main objective is to promote and strengthen bilateral trade relations between South Africa and Peru; as well as to facilitate and promote cultural, scientific, artistic, educational and sports exchanges between both countries.




To become a strategic partner for business and investment decisions for our members and for those business associations and community members interested in establishing and strengthening links between South Africa and Peru.




• To effectively promote and develop commercial, scientific, artistic, educational and sporting activities between South Africa and Peru.

• To encourage the development, mutual defence, support and progress of the activities of our members, who have in common commercial, professional and social interests with the Republic of South Africa.

• To facilitate contact between entrepreneurs from South Africa and Peru.

• Business consultancy.

• To organise participation of the associates in international trade fairs, business meetings and trade missions.



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